Wade Live Magician

Wade Live

Until recently we didn't know Magicman Wade Live keeps his frame in trim by dressing in a fox suit and leading the Essex Fox Hunt away from the real fox!

"Don't tell them!" he laughed "or I will have to find another way to keep fit!"

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The Balloon Hero!

The Balloon Hero

The Balloon Hero! What! Who's that? He's a super hero who can make any sort of balloon shaped creations possible!

We exchanged a website with custom artwork for a balloon shaped like a ray gun! Brilliant !

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Ross McCourt Magician

AndyB Events

He may be camper than a row of tents but our love for Andy knows no bounds.

This gangly fanny magnet was after a site that was corporate and showcased all his wonderful shenanagins.

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Rent A Rev

Rent A Rev!

"The vicar in a tutu, He's not strange, He just wants to live his life this way..." so warbled miserable indie boy Morrisey - BUT if you are after a vicar in a tutu or not (we suggest not!) for your wedding, christening, handfasting etc then Rent A Rev is your man!

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Chris Harding Magician

Chris Harding

Just look at him! That big hunk of man that would make any girl swoon! BUT... hands off! This Adonis is taken!

We knew we can't have him but just to get close we designed and coded a custom themed wordpress site. We love you Chris!

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