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KhanRhight Dog Training

Ex-Dairy farmers - Jan and Karen (they milked cats) are now working wonders at making dogs behave!

They also extended thier loft apartment to incorporate a large area for the production of cocktail sausages and other savoury snacks suitable for dogs!

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Steve Dela Magic

Steve Dela Magician

Raised by Wolves in the Siberian Peninsular Steve was rescued by Husky Men and brought to the New World and retrained in the way of the wizard.

On a dark night he can still sometimes be seen howling at the moon! Ahrrrooooooooo!

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Damo and Marvo

Damo& Marvo

With nerves of steel,a heart of gold, alabaster feet and knob of butter, super cool kid's entertainer Damo and his giant side kick rabbit Marvo wanted a custom illustration and a lovely website. They paid in carrots...

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Golden Rule sof Acting

Golden Rules of Acting

So what are the Golden Rules of Acting? Don't ask us! We just designed the website for the fantastic book which will enlighten and entertain.

Somebody once said I had a face for radio...

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The Great Hootini

Kid's magician The Great Hootini came to us with tear stained cheeks and damp eyes.

We wiped away those tears and provided him with a funky website and illustration to make things all better!

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